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The Working Garden​


The Working Garden website was set up in August 2013 by Head Gardener Benjamin William Pope, with the aim to provide information and inspiration for anyone looking to develop their own garden.  It is an on-going project, with more information being added each month.


Within the website there are 3 main areas for plants: some for the         garden, some for the plate and others for decorative use.  In all cases the plants have been trialed and selected by Ben, with the main criteria being that they are easy to grow and always deliver.


Ben believes "It's important to have plants that perform.  In today's world where space and time are usually at a premium, every inch of a garden has to work a lot harder to satisfy the demands put on it......Above all, a garden should be personal and work for you and your loved ones.”


In addition to the plants there is a "Garden Diary" that describes what tasks are being undertaken in the garden each month. Simply click on the adjacent link to see the lists of jobs and get organised about your own garden maintenance.


Also included in the website are areas that showcase inspirational

places Ben has visited, including gardens, plant nurseries and open public spaces.


And if you still crave more "food for thought", there is a section containing articles that Ben has written, based on the garden and various horticultural themes.


So sit back, get “clicking” and enjoy what this website has to offer, hopefully it will get you thinking about your own “patch” in a different light.




All plants have been grown in the South of England, on sandy loam with a slightly acidic pH.  Although the plants listed here are "Good Doers" they do have limitations.  Ben has tried to make notes where possible, but please do conduct your own research to ensure that plants selected are suitable to your individual situation.


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