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Floral Arrangements

Below are some images of various floral arrangements, created from plants that Ben has grown in the garden. Although they are grouped under different headings, they are simply for reference and inspiration.  Flower arranging should be personal to the individual and there is no reason why you can't mix elements from one arrangement with another.... well.... as long as your still smiling at the end result.

Bold and Contemporary


Flowers Used:

Centranthus ruber

Euphorbia wallichii

Iris 'Sapphire Beauty'

Nectaroscordum siculum

Peony 'Buckeye Belle'


An even mix of rich and bright colours in the form of the Centranthus, Peony, Euphorbia and Iris, with the sublte grey tones of the Nectaroscordum.


Flowers Used:

Dianthus barbatus 'Green Trick'

Salvia officinalis 'Nazareth'

Salvia viridis

Zinnea elegans 'Purple Prince'


A small possie full of vibrant colour from the purple Salvia, magenta Zinnea and emerald green Dianthus.  Texture and scent is added to the arrangement with the silver leaves of the Sage 'Nazareth'.

Romantic and Classic


Flowers Used:

Alchemilla mollis

Astrantia 'Moulin Rouge'

Astrantia 'Roma'

Paeony 'Sarah Bernhardt'


A classic. simple mix of luxurious Peony and frothy Lady's Mantle, with added Astrantia to provide a little more interest and pick up on the colour variation in the Peony.






Flowers Used:

Alchemilla mollis

Iris 'Sapphire Beauty'

Iris 'Silver Beauty'


A very simple arrangement of Lady's Mantle and Dutch Iris. The various shades of blue and purple in the Iris contrast well with the lime green of the Alchemilla.

Wild and Care Free


Flowers Used:

Leucanthemum vulgare (Ox Eye Daisy)

Mathiasella 'Green Dream'

Ornithogalum pyramidale

Stipa gigantea


A relaxed display of Ox Eye Daisy with added green Mathiasella and white Ornithogalum to give more substance in a sublte informal way. Finished off with a haze of Stipa gigantea continuing with the natural looking theme.






Flowers Used:

Acidanthera murielae

Atriplex hortensis var. rubra

Cleome spinosa 'Helen Campbell'

Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan'

Eucalyptus gunnii

Rudbeckia hirta 'Cherry Brandy'


A loose and informal arrangement of cool grey (Eucalyptus) and pure white (Acidanthera, Cleome and Echinacea), given some depth with the dark burgundy of Atripex and Rudbeckia.




Flowers Used:

Allium sphaerocephalon

Bupleurum rotundifolium 'Griffithii'

Echium vulgare 'Blue Bedder'

Kniphofia 'Brimstone'

Potentilla 'Volcan'

Reseda lutea (Weld)

Tagetes linnaeus


A random firework-like display of wild and cultivated flowers. The green and yellow spires of Weld and Kniphofia work well with the transparent Bupleurum, embellished with colour from the purple Allium, blue Echium and hot Tagetes.

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