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Climbers are some of the most useful plants in the garden.  They can be grown through, up and over buildings and other plants to extend the season of interest.  Whatever size garden you have there is always room for at least one climber.  All the plants below that Ben has listed can be grown and maintained with ease, resulting in a beautiful and reliable floral display.

Clematis viticella 'Purpurea Plena Elegans'


A lovely and reliable Clematis that is full of charmingly small, double purple flowers from mid Summer to early Autumn. Strong in growth and amazingly resistant to wilt, this Clematis is just as happy growing up trellis and pergolas, as it is scrambling through open branches of large trees and shrubs. 


Grows well in full sun and semi-shade, in most fertile soils with an acid to alkaline pH. Cut back hard in Spring to encourage fresh growth and flowers later in the season.


Maximum Height and Spread: Approximately 5m x 1.8m 

Trachelospurmum jasminoides


An elegant, self-twining climber with glossy, evergreen leaves that will grow neatly up a wall or fence with the support of wires. In cooler months the tidy, dark green appearance becomes alive with autumnal tints. During summer, white jasmine-like flowers appear releasing a strong and sweet fragrance that can be enjoyed from some distance away.


Growing in full sun or semi-shade in moist but free draining, fertile soil, mainly pest, disease and trouble free. In cooler climates it may struggle and so best sited against and sunny and sheltered wall.


Maximum Height and Spread: Approximately 6m x 3m

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